Floresteca. Business with sustainability.

With more than two decades of experience, Floresteca is specialized on responsible management and production of teak logs on Mato Grosso state.

Since the start, Floresteca has the compromise of carry out programs of social responsibility, in order to fortify the bond with its stakeholders. Besides, in 1998, received the FSC® certification, which correspond to one of the most important environmental certification in forestry sector. It proves the wood produced is responsible and of legal origin.

Know our Products.

Floresteca forests are managed by TRC and the Timber from these forests is sawn and sold by partner TRC. For all information about our product offerings please enter the website of our partner. Click Here.

Logs: From slabs and cuttings.
Usually used in the manufacture of furniture, flooring and building material.

Biomass: Marketed in the form of teak and chip wood from processing
operations to be used as a source of renewable energy.

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